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May 21, 2021  

DHL’s Aussie Vaccine Rollout GM Ops Talks Next Generation At Summit

In today's episode we're joined by DHL's GM for the Vaccine Rollout, Colm Donnelly, who will be taking time out of his busy schedule to present at Supply Chain Innovation Summit in Sydney 26-28 May, endorsed by ASCI with 4 Continued Professional Development points.

At the Summit, Colm will be addressing how we're going at attracting the next generation of supply chain leaders and how companies can attract and support young people. t's a topic close to our hearts at ASCI. Tap into your local Regional ASCI Chapter to find out how you can be mentored as an Ambassador or how you can attract graduates. 

Akolade’s 5th Annual Supply Chain Innovation Conference, on 26 – 28 May at The Langham Sydney, is the must-attend event for ASCI Members who receive an additional $500 discount with the promo code: ASCI500

Join over 100 of your peers who are navigating disruption and building an agile and resilient future fit supply chain. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear 30+ practical case studies, participate in interactive workshops, see the latest technology solutions and enjoy peer networking - all under one roof!


See you there! 

May 12, 2021  

Could Integrated Logistics Support be your next career move?

Joining host Monique Fenech on the ASCI Lounge are two experts in Integrated Logistics Support: Gary Pearce RegPracILS and Jon Westerland RegPracILS who share their passion for the ILS career; the vital role ILS plays in supporting assets; and influencing at the design phase.  Are you an inventory manager wanting a career move? Gary and Jon point out some great opportunities for supply chain practitioners to transition across into ILS.

Gary and Jon will present at ASCI2021: Supply Chain Vision In The Decade For Action on 29 July in Western Sydney in a dedicated ILS stream with other presenters from the Navy Innovation Centre, Defence, Systecon, KBR and QinetiQ. Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of the ILS professional network on the day! Register: 

April 16, 2021  

Negotiating Tips For Supply Chain Managers

In this episode, ASCI Lounge host Monique Fenech interviews Tony Monaghan, expert in negotiations across Asia Pacific and the Lead at Skillbiz who follows the 80/20 rule set out by Harvard University when it comes to successful negotiations. 80% are planned step by step, with political, gender, social biases and emotions at play. Find out how you can navigate a successful negotiation in your supply chain by taking Tony's short course.

Tony's short online course for ASCI Members goes for 20 weeks with two hourly weekly check ins:

Relationship Management Short Course Part 1

Sessions 1-5

  • The role of relationship in creating value
  • Plan what happens inside and outside 'the room'
  • Include stakeholders (internal/external-sponsors/clients)
  • Predicting the concessions they might want, and that you want.
  • Reading people - how personal objectives influence corporate objectives
  • Focus: managing your communication to engage both your needs and theirs

Sessions 6-10

  • Asking great questions
  • Focus: identify where your interests overlap
  • Strategically positioning your opening moves
  • Emotions and how people make decisions
  • Guidelines for how to handle the trading of concessions
Sessions 11-15
  • F2F challenges – dealing with resistance, exploring deeper needs, objections
  • The role of emotions in decision-making
  • How to think about difficult people - fully understanding your role in 'helping' your other party
  • Getting from start to finish in structured stages
  • Case study
Sessions 16-20
  • Professionalism: adopting standards that promote a culture of success and using a diverse skillset. 

    Summary of program: Integrating all concepts with practice, formal case study (generic or in-house design), applying preparation model to a business challenge

Who can benefit:
Anyone who makes formal agreements and variations with the clients and suppliers
April 15, 2021  

Spotlight on APICS with Australian Instructor Gerald Desmier

APICS Certified Planning & Inventory Management (CPIM) is a professional certification held by over 130,000 supply chain practitioners all over the world. We interview the Australian Instructor, Gerald Desmier, on why it is globally the most standardised body of knowledge for supply chain and how it helps to enhance your career prospects and organisation outcomes.

View APICS pricing and schedules here.

Part 1 (An introduction) 

Module 1: Supply Chain Overview

Module 2: Fundamentals of Demand Management

Module 3: Plan Supply

Module 4: Executing the Supply Plan

Module 5: Inventory Management

Module 6: Continuous Improvement and Quality Management and Technologies

Book into Gerald's class commencing 4 May here.

Part 2 (more in-depth)


  • The Environment and Strategy
  • Strategic Scope
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Developing Organisational Strategy
  • Executing and Monitoring Strategy
  • Analysis for Functional and Operational Strategies
  • Functional and Operational Strategies
  • Processes and Layouts
  • Performance Monitoring and KPIs
  • Risk Management
  • Capital Equipment and Facilities
  • Sustainability Strategies

Sales & Operations Planning

  • Purpose of S&OP
  • S&OP Roles and Process
  • Aggregate Demand and Supply Plans
  • Reconciling S&OP Plans


  • Demand Management
  • Customers
  • Marketing and Product Management
  • Sources of Demand
  • Forecasting
  • Forecast Performance


  • Creating the Master Schedule
  • Using and Maintaining the Master Schedule 

  • Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

  • MRP Design

  • Using and Managing MRP

  • CRP and MRP-Based Scheduling

  • Final Assembly Schedule


  • Purchasing
  • Product Costing
  • Changes and Supply Disruptions
  • Product Life Cycle Management


  • Inventory Planning

  • Inventory Management

  • Inventory Costs, Value, and Metrics

  • Inventory Control

  • Waste Hierarchy and Reverse Logistics

Detailed Schedules

  • Planning Detailed Schedules

  • Scheduling and PAC Methods

  • Production Schedules

  • Using Detailed Schedules


  • Planning Distribution

  • Replenishment and Order Management

  • Reverse Logistics in Distribution Network

Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Technology

  • Quality

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Technology

Book into Gerald's class commencing 5 May here.

Contact ASCI National Office for pricing and self study options: 

March 25, 2021  

Spotlight on Integrated Tactical Planning with Oliver Wight

In this spotlight podcast interview, Mike Reed, Managing Partner, Oliver Wight Asia Pacific, shares:

  • Why a weekly process is important
  • What symptoms suggest poor weekly processes 
  • The difference between weekly process (ITP) and monthly process (IBP)
  • The time zone does the weekly process manages
  • Essential requirements for a robust weekly process

If you liked the podcast, then join the one hour Masterclass to learn more about ITP – the essential process for regularly re-aligning product, demand, and supply plans in the short term.

When: 1-2pm AEST Wednesday 12 May



Did you know that the APICS CPIM is now called Certified in Planning & Inventory Management? Check out our website for the new look certification:

January 28, 2021  

ASCI2021: Leadership Masterclass Sneak Peek Of The Conference

Ishan Galapathy joins us on the ASCI Lounge for the first episode for 2021. As we enter another year, Ishan stresses the importance of not losing sight of the bigger picture. Taking "action" to ensure that our members focus on Rising Above The Chaos. This is the topic for his Leadership Masterclass to be held at the annual conference on day 2 of the conference on 28,29,30 July 2021 in Western Sydney. 

Visit the ASCI2021 Conference website for the full program and ticket sales. 

ASCI2021: Supply Chain Vision In The Decade For Action

New Dates Announced - view news release here.

When: 28-30 July 2021

Where: William Inglis Hotel, Warwick Farm, Sydney (Day 3: Site tour to Western Sydney Airport)

Cost: $1,800-$2,000 (Groups of three or more $1,870 pp) which includes the ASCI2021 Awards Dinner

CPD point Allocation: 20 points

ASCI Member Discount Code: ASCI2021 (10%)

ASCI Registered Associate Discount Code: REGASSOC (15%)

ASCI Registered Practitioner Discount Code: REGPRAC (20%)

This is a safe venue with adequate social distancing conference facilities and plenty of outdoor networking spaces.

Visit the conference website!

December 23, 2020  

COVID-19 and Supply Chain: Impact on Digitisation

Joining our last ASCI Lounge podcast for 2020 is Duncan Grewcock, expert at EV Cargo Technology, to address common pain points that have impacted retailers during the Covid crisis; how digitisation builds supply chain resiliency, and what's in store for 2021. He refers to a McKinsey report: Resetting supply chains for the new normal, click here.

Duncan Grewcock, CCO, EV Cargo Technology, has over 18 years’ of experience in management consulting, business process re-design and software implementations. Duncan is an expert in product sourcing, PLM and supply chain management solutions.

EV Cargo Technology 

EV Cargo Technology works to improve business processes through connecting the entire trading community, giving a platform to thrive by efficiently collaborating with external partners, and managing the complete supply chain with full transparency, efficiency and cost effectiveness. EV Cargo Technology has over 25 years’ experience in delivering supply chain intelligence.


December 14, 2020  

ASCI2021: Procurement Front And Centre Of The Action On Day 1

In this eposide we are joined by Hayley Jarick, CEO, Supply Chain Sustainability School and Gio Ferrante, Marketing Manager, Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, who are the Chairs of the ASCI Annual Conference Procurement Stream.

As members of the Advisory Board for "ASCI2021: Supply Chain Vision In The Decade For Action", Hayley and Gio share the themes of the conference and how they relate to the procurement stream which includes experts from United Nations, Planet Ark, NSW Department of Communities & Justice, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, and Social Traders. The Procurement Stream runs on day 1 of the conference, to be held 23-25 February 2021 at William Inglis Hotel, Western Sydney.

View the program here.

ASCI2021 has applied to be a Registered Event as part of the Australian Government’s Business Events Grants program. If approved as a Registered Event, then sponsors, exhibitors and delegates can apply to Austrade to receive a grant to cover up to 50 per cent of the costs incurred in participating (such as flights, accommodation, sponsorships, exhibition costs and registration fees).

For more information on the program, visit

For any questions in relation to the Grants program and ASCI2021, please contact

December 1, 2020  

Learn to embrace ambiguity. It’s here to stay!

In this panel discussion, ASCI Queensland Chapter President James Scotland, deep dives into the leadership issues of life after COVID-19 including the considerations required to stay safe whilst getting back to the office, face to face meetings and networking.

Joining the discussion is Change2020 Founder and Director, Kerryn Fewster, and Communications expert, Pippa Gardner, who share their expertise in areas of ambiguity, leadership and best practice organisational culture. Ambiguity is your new best friend! We learn tactics for increasing your resilience to change.

As ASCI networking events return to our Continued Professional Development program this week, we communicate our own rules of engagement, ensuring that we can sustain a full calendar year of learning and sharing safely in 2021.

November 23, 2020  

ASCI2021: Annual Conference launch

ASCI Annual Conference Advisory Board Member and ASCI NSW Chapter President, Brendan O'Keeffe, shares the annual conference venue; dates; theme; topics; networking and sharing.


When: 23-25 February 2021

Where: William Inglis Hotel, Warwick Farm, Western Sydney (with social distancing restrictions)

Conference Program:

This is the 3rd annual conference but the first where 30 senior supply chain keynotes are in the one venue at the one time due to their international business travel restrictions. #silverlining

Our 20 minute podcast will entice you to instantly visit the full conference program website and secure your ticket before the early bird ends 31 December 2020. Remember the discount codes:

  • ASCI2021 for 10% discount for ASCI Members save $225
  • REGASSOC for 15% discount for Registered Associates save $335
  • REGPRAC for 20% discount for Registered Practitioners save $445

ASCI is applying as a Registered Event as part of the Australian Government’s Business Events Grants program where delegates can apply to Austrade to receive a grant to cover up to 50 per cent of the costs incurred (such as flights, accommodation, sponsorship, exhibition, registration fees). Contact Patrick McNamara, P: 03 9690 8766.

For more infromation about ASCI Membership, for best prices, review the benefits and apply via our website: 

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